zondag 25 mei 2014

With a little understanding - part II

Hi guys! 

I was out of blogging for almost two weeks, I work and the last ten days I got home so late and I was to tired, I didn't have the courage to write a new blog post, I'm sorry.

But here I am, back for more!

As I was telling you before, I used to have the weirderst neighbour ever.

Here is part II of my story:

After a few weeks living in my new studio, I started realizing his reaction was not the only weirdest thing about him...

One day, my sister and her husband brought a little visit. We were just relaxing, while, suddenly we felt how the floor was shaking. We heard loud music coming from the other side of the hallway and an enthusiastic voice screaming "yoohoo!"
After a few minutes we realized my neighbor was practising the "Jumping" dance on Flemish Schlager music. Really, explain to me, how can anyone actually jump on this kind of music? 

 My sister couldn't stop laughing but I wasn't. I was freaked out and scared. I moved out to this studio to have some rest, not to enjoy concerts of Jumping Jack over there.

During the following months, my landlord (who lived in the appartement under me by the way), told me some interesting details about my neighbor.. He have had some mental issues, but now, he was doing great, she told me. I did like my neighbor, because he was really nice and friendly, but I wasn't really able to communicate with him. We were living in the same building, but obviously we were living in a different world. 
Every friday night, he had a kind of "routine". First, I could hear him watching porn (mind the details), then he was giving one of his famous dance show, and finally, I could hear him performing sport with a lovely young lady that was payed to do that. 
(cfr. The Weekly Landlord Reports). 
Once, I found him sleeping in front of my door, another time he came to ask me if I had seen a shell that had fallen off his shell ornament, and another time I caught him sniffing at my door in the middle of the night!

.. and then, one day...

He just dissapeared. For two months, he didn't come home. I was kind of relieved, but a bit worried as well. Okay, he was definitely crazy in the coconut, but after all, he was a good, sincere guy. After two months, I was being told his family found my neighbor in Spain, broke and not having a idea how he got there..

Wanna read more? Check out this blog soon for Part III



maandag 12 mei 2014

With a little understanding - part I

I grew up in a big free-standing house. Being the youngest child, I had all the space I could wish for. Except for my mommie who did love to dance and sing through the house while she was cleaning, "noise" was something non-existent. 

When I was 23 years old, it was time to spread my wings and so I moved out and started renting a small studio not far away from my parents. Thinking about this now, I do regret that I stopped looking for a real apartment, but at that time, all I could think about is being independent. 

My studio was one of the four studios on the third floor.
The first few months, I just had one neighbour. I remember coming home and finding a present in front of my door: it was a bottle of air freshener, a 5 € - meal voucher and a post-it with the words "enjoy! xx ". After a few days, he came to my studio and explained why he gave me the air freshener. 

A few days earlier I have had a housewarming party. The house was next to a bakery, and the smell of the oven (I suppose it was the oven) was kind of penetrating. To solve that problem, we bought some airfreshener dispensers and put them in the hallway. 
Now, my poor neighbour was telling me he was really convinced we accused him of a bad body odour. 
Hearing this, I just didn't know how to react appriopately.. his reaction was kind of WEIRD, but still it was a nice gesture. So I politely thanked him for the presents and had a silent giggle when he left. After all, I was the new kid on the block and I had to adjust myself, not the other way around.

After a few weeks living in my new studio, I started realizing his reaction was not the only weirdest thing about him...

Wanna read more? Check out this blog soon for Part II



zondag 11 mei 2014

"Fatties have feelings too"

Hi Guys

I'm so frustrated I need to write this down.

The last two years my life has been all about weight and body image.
Well this is nothing new.., I have been struggling with weight ever since I started eating, but the last few months I came to a sad conclusion..

I've been raised in a family where food was an instant temper booster, restaurants were considered as a local theme park and desserts were a meal, not a course. 
We did eat vegetables and other healthy foods, but it's the calories that count, and my metabolism is not really my best pal.

I never really cared about what people were thinking about my looks, I thought I was being sincere and nice, people wouldn't notice that extra weight. I was definitely wrong. 

During the years, I've been through a lot of diets. They were successful, but not for long.
For years, I was being categorized as "great face, but the body not so much" 
So, after a while  I just didn't get why the heck I would leave all the yummie food, just to get people's appreciation? 

When I turned 25, I didn't feel that great. I started to realize I had to loose weight in order to be and feel my best self again. 
I changed my eating habits and in two months, I lost 20 kilos.
I gained a lot of respect but still, I got the most awkward reactions. Some people told me to stop losing weight, other people told me those 20 kilos were a good start. 
The only thing I could think, was: 'WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, I DIDN'T LOOSE WEIGHT FOR YOUUU'. 

Of course, I do realize, in our idealistic world,  being big is not really attractive.
But still, I think it's wrong people are being judged only on their looks.
Especially, when the judges are people that eat like they haven't been fed for about 100 years.It's not funny, seeing other people having food binges, telling you shouldn't have that last piece of cake, when in fact they already ate 50% of it.

To be clear, I'm not angry, I just see a lot of people around me that are a bigger, wanting to loose weight, not because they feel bad, but because they get remarks all the time. And that is so so WRONG WRONG.

I have a big fat message for you. Don't be harsh on bigger people.Stop thinking that being bigger is a choice. When you hurt someones feelings by telling them your truth, you are making the choice to be a big asshole.

Don't forget, one day it could be you, and would you liked to be judged on your wide ass, just because you couldn't resist that last piece of chocolate pie?

something to think about! ;)



zaterdag 10 mei 2014

Pin me!

Hi guys!

Before I started this blog, I checked out some other blogs just to find out what's 'hot' 
or not. 

A lot of bloggers have links to their social media profiles and that's how I rediscovered Pinterest! I have a Facebook-, Twitter-, Foursquare- and Instagramaccount, but I have to admit Facebook is the only medium I frequently use. 

I think I already created my Pinterest account like two years ago.. at that time, I was pretty convinced that it would waste a lot of my time.

I do agree, once you started Pinning, you can't stop. However, since I really started using it, it gave me such great inspiration! Make-up looks, Healthy recipes, DIY projects..

There's no need to explain how it works, just sign in and you won't regret it.

(and if you're lucky, you will come across REAL celebrity profiles!)

Here is my top 3 of favourite Pinterest-profiles:

1) http://www.pinterest.com/deliciouslyella/

Very inspiring healthy and glutenfree recipes

2) http://www.pinterest.com/honestlywtf/

Founders of a very popular DIY blog, discovered this when I was looking for a collar necklace template

3) http://www.pinterest.com/calivintage/

(Vintage) Fashion blogger who likes to show all of her best vintage fashion buys

And guys, I hope your future favourite Pinterest account will be mine!





vrijdag 9 mei 2014

My favourite webshop

Hi Ladies!

Today, I will you tell you something about my current favourite webshop.

It sounds like regular shopaholic's excuse, but e-shopping makes me feel more conscious about my shopping behaviour: you have more time to choose your product which limits impulse purchases (Yeah I do realize ALL of my purchases are impulse purchases).

Depending on the origin of the webshop, it could take you a couple of weeks to receive the product. This works great for me, because I know when I order something, I really really actually want this product so badly I don't care waiting for weeks or even months.

Two months ago, I discovered Boozyshop. 

Boozyshop is a Dutch beauty webshop with brands you can''t buy in Dutch and Belgian retail stores. They have a wide range of make-up, hair and skin care products.
My absolute favourite is Sleek Make-up (I'll be talking about Sleek later on).

Furthermore, the prices are really inexpensive compared to the prices of your local drugstore! When you order for 50 € or more, Boozyshop offers you free delivery. 

If you are curious about the make-up brands Beautyblender, Tangle Teezer, The Balm, do not hesistate! 

Delivery takes about three days to Belgium.



donderdag 8 mei 2014

Please excuse my bitchy face

Hi guys

No "HI LADIES" today..

A friend of mine asked me why I only welcome women to my blog.
Good remark.

 It's certainly not forbidden for men to read my blog, however, in the very near future I will talk about subjects no man is interested in. But hey, male readers, I will keep on challenging you ;)

Today I'll be talking be about my syndrome. Don't worry, it's not life-threathening.
It's just something I haven't really been aware of, for years.

I am a very refined and friendly person, I'm mostly positive and cheerful, but when I don't express these feelings with a dazzling Colgate smile, I tend to have what they call "a bitchy resting face".

Check out this Youtube-video and you will understand what I'm talking about. 

I get a lot of remarks every month, people ask my friends "Why does that girl looks so angry?". Having big, dark eyes doesn't really help either. 

No I'm not angry, no I'm not sad, this is my serious face.

Believe me, when people judge you on your bitchy face, it takes ages to convince them you're not a bitch.  

Solution? When people don't really feel comfortable around me, I just try to smile everytime they pass by. Some people will still probably think I'm a bitch, but at least a happy one!

Do you recognize this? Do you suffer from bitchy resting face? Please leave a comment!




woensdag 7 mei 2014

Hello there!

Hi ladies!

Welcome to the Curls and the Pearls!

My name is Eva, a flemish girl, 27 years old. I live in this beautiful town called Ghent.

I'm so excited to finally enter the blogging scene!

The last few months, my brain is stacked with creative ideas and in this wicked world, it's not always that easy to execute your plans in a non time- consuming way.

I'm pretty convinced that blogging will help me to find the way to channeling my ideas and make them REAL!

What kind of blog will this be?

I challenge you to keep checking my blog to find out...

I promised myself to write a blog post every day, so keep yourself posted!